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Did you know?

In the USA about 6 billion gift cards are produced each year. Most people simply throw away their cards because it's easier.
There are billions of gift cards thrown away each year. We have saved more than 6,200 gift cards from landfills. What is scary is that just 6,190 gift cards which, laid flat out equals to 5.2615 km. About 12,116 times that or 75 million gift cards are thrown out each year. This is also equal to 633,749.9998 km of gift cards laid flat out. About If one gift card equals to an astounding carbon footprint of 21 grams. Then imagine how much harmful carbon gas will be released into the air.

Zinc jewelry is made completely from gift cards. We connect with businesses (Starbucks, Lush, Bath and Body Works and many more!) and collect their gift cards to create colorful and creative jewelry.All our proceeds go towards helping our partner village in Zambia.Check out our work with our Zambian friends by clickinghttp://projectcope.wikis.birmingham.k12.mi.us/home