Harlan Trip:

On February 5 we went to Harlan Elementary to teach the girls in a Girl Scout troop there about jewelry, and help them earn there jewelry badge. We presented to them and talked about different tools that we use to make jewelry. We also talked about Project Cope and jewelry from different countries. Then to make the day a little more fun we split up into 3 groups and taught the girls how to make bracelets and earrings. We played a competition game were which ever group made the most jewelry by the end of the meeting got 3 pieces of starburst per girl. We ended with well over 50 pieces of jewelry made and as a surprise each girl got to take home one piece of jewelry that they made!
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Selling at School
On Valentines day this year we decided to take advantage of the holiday and sell jewelry at the valentines day partys. Click here and then scroll to the bottom to take a look at some of the valentines specials that we sold. We still have some of the products left in case you still want to buy for someone special!
This was our first day of selling.